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Donald S. Kingery Memorial

This award was established in 1974 by the friends of Donald S. Kingery. From 1975 to 1986, the award was conferred by the Donald S. Kingery Memorial, Inc. Beginning in l987, the PCMIA assumed sponsorship of this award program.


The Pittsburgh Coal Mining Institute of America (PCMIA) annually recognizes an individual who has significantly contributed to the furtherance and improvement of mine safety and health.

Nominations may be made for persons involved in any type of mining and are not limited to the coal industry where Mr. Kingery made his principal contributions. The award consists of an inscribed commemorative clock that is presented at the annual luncheon of the PCMIA which is normally held in late October.


The nomination write-up for this award is limited to the following constraints. The write-up must be submitted on 8.5 x 11 inch paper size, margins shall all be 1-inch, spacing shall be single or double-spaced, the font used shall be Times New Roman, 12 point, and the total number of pages shall be no more than 6 single-sided pages (excluding the cover sheet). The cover sheet shall include only the following: Name of Nominee, Current Position or Title, Business Address, Home Address, Email Address, Office Telephone Number, Name or Person Submitting Nomination, Address, Email Address, Office Telephone Number, and date the nomination was submitted.

Any nomination exceeding the overall page limit may not be evaluated by the PCMIA Awards Committee. The nomination materials should also include a high resolution (approximately 1 MB or greater) color electronic photograph of the nominee. This photograph will be used for publicity purposes.

Please submit only one set of nomination materials. It is not necessary to make additional copies.


September 30

Submit nominations via the regular mail to: Lisa Krepps, Pittsburgh Coal Mining Institute of America, Post Office Box 233, Hunker, PA 15639.

Or electronically to: Lisa Krepps at Krepps.Lisa@dol.gov

For questions or more information, please contact Awards Committee Chairperson Michael A. Trevits at 412-874-6556 or mat412@verizon.net


The write-up for the award nomination shall consist of two sections as follows. The selection of a successful recipient is based on the candidate’s overall career impact on mine safety and/or health. Nominations will be accepted from individuals, companies, organizations, universities, or associations. The award application must be submitted by someone who knows the nominee well; self-nominations will not be accepted.

Section 1 – Overall Career Impact on Mine Safety and/or Health

This section of the nomination is limited to no more than three pages. This section should include contributions, results achieved, and in-depth discussion of the nominee’s overall commitment to mine safety and health.

Section 2 – Biographical Information

This section of the nomination is limited to no more than three pages. This section should include a biographical sketch of the nominee and should contain information relative to the nominee’s background, affiliation with the mining industry, and those significant contributions warranting consideration. The scope and impact of those contributions should be described.


The PCMIA Awards Committee solicits nominations for this award at the beginning of each calendar year. Nominations for the award may be made through September 30th of any given year and are considered active for three years from the submission date.

Upon review of all active submissions for the award, the PCMIA Awards Committee will recommend a nominee to the PCMIA Board of Directors for approval. Upon approval, the successful nominee will be notified by early October. The award is presented at the annual luncheon of the PCMIA which is normally held in late October of each year.It is tradition that the recipient be scheduled as a featured speaker following the annual PCMIA luncheon.

2018 Winner

Kelvin Wu, Ph.D, P.E.

Independent Consultant, Tetra Tech NUS, Inc. And Chief (Retired), Mine Waste & Geotechnical Engineering Division, Mine Safety and Health Administration

K Wu

2018 PCMIA Donald S. Kingery Memorial Award

Kelvin Wu, Ph.D., P.E., Independent Consultant, Tetra Tech NUS, Inc. and Chief (Retired), Mine Waste & Geotechnical Engineering Division, Mine Safety and Health Administration

Kelvin Wu holds a B.S. degree in Mining Engineering from the National Cheng Kung University and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Mining Engineering from The University of Wisconsin. Kelvin is currently an independent consultant for Tetra Tech NUS, Inc. He provides expertise in the area of mine planning, mine design, mine valuation and mine safety and health problems.

Kelvin Wu has more than 40 years of mining experience. First, as an Engineer and later as the Manager/Engineer for the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). Kelvin served as the lead engineer for MSHA in many critical situations, most notably:

  • The Quecreek coal mine inundation event where he earned an MSHA award.
  • The Jefferson Island salt mine flooding event where extensive legal activities resulted.
  • The Strategic Petroleum Reserve Project at Weeks Island salt mine, where MSHA supported personnel from the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Dam Safety Officer for U.S. Department of Labor, where he provided leadership for dam safety activities in the Federal Government.

Kelvin managed Mining and Civil Engineers as Chief, Mine Waste and Geotechnical Engineering Division (MWGED) of the Pittsburgh Safety and Health Technology Center, MSHA, Pittsburgh, PA, which provided technical services and consultation to Federal and State mining enforcement officials and industry regarding complex safety and health problems related to: refuse piles, mine dumps, waste dams, tailing ponds, and impoundments in the coal and metal/nonmetal mining industries.

Kelvin and was named the Engineer of the Year by MSHA and he was also awarded two additional Special Achievement Awards.

Kelvin taught Mining Engineering classes at The University of Pittsburgh and West Virginia University. In 1998, Kelvin also received the Stephen McCann Memorial Educational Excellence Award from PCMIA.

Kelvin has authored or co-authored more than 16 mine safety related publications and is a registered Professional Engineer and Professional Land Surveyor. Kelvin Wu’s commitment to improve miner safety has been exceptional. The PCMIA is proud to recognize him as the recipient of the 2018 Donald S. Kingery Memorial Award.

Donald S. Kingery Memorial Award

Historical Listing of the Awardees

2018 | Kelvin Wu, PE, Ph.D, Independent Consultant, Tetra Tech NUS, Inc. And Chief (Retired), Mine Waste & Geotechnical Engineering Division, MSHA
2017 | John E. Urosek, PE, Owner Urosek Mine Consulting LLC, Retired Chief of Mine Emergency Operations, MSHA
2016 | Thomas M. Barczak, PhD, Retired NIOSH & US Bureau of Mines
2015 | Joseph A. Sbaffoni, Retired PA DEP, Bureau of Mine Safety
2014 | Thomas F. Tomb, Retired MSHA, Technical Support
2013 |  Raja V. Ramani, PhD, PE Pennsylvania State University
2012 |  Michael J Sapko NIOSH, US Bureau of Mines (Retired)
2011 |  Stephen G. Sawyer, PhD, PE MSHA (Retired) Consultant
2010 |  John N. Murphy US Bureau of Mines, NIOSH and University of Pittsburgh
2009 |  Murray Jacobson MSHA (Retired)
2008 |  Christopher Mark, PhD, PE NIOSH
2007 |  Joseph A. Main United Mine Workers of America (Retired)
2006 |  Lewis V. Wade, PhD National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health
2003 |  Samuel B. Shearer CSE Corporation
2002 |  Pramod C. Thakur, PhD CONSOL Energy
2001 |  Syd S. Peng, PhD West Virginia University
2000 |  Maurice Deul Consultant
1999 |  Hugh H. Lucas AEP Fuel Supply
1998 |  Robert G. Peluso MSHA Technical Support (Retired)
1997 |  Donald W. Mitchell Consultant
1996 |  Donald W. Huntley MSHA (Retired)

1995 | Jack Katlic Consultant
1994 | Robert W. Dalzell MSHA, Technical Support
1993 | Thomas J. Ward, Jr. Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources
1992 | Louis Hunter National Independent Coal Operators Association
1991 | John Nagy US Bureau of Mines and MSHA
1990 | James L. Adkins Cannelton Holding Company
1989 | Dr. Lorin Kerr United Mine Workers of America
1988 | William H. Hoover MSHA and Holmes Safety Association
1987 | Robert L. Vines Bituminous Coal Operators’ Association
*1986 | Ralph Hatch Consolidation Coal Corporation (Retired)
*1985 | J. Richard Lucas Virginia Polytechnic Institute
*1984 | Walter Vicinelly PA Department of Mines (Retired)
*1983 | William Parisi Consolidation Coal Corporation (Retired)
*1982 | Edward Onuscheck R & P Coal Corporation (Retired)
*1981 | Frank H. Zimmerman National Gypsum Company (Retired)
*1980 | Robert Stefanko Pennsylvania State University (Deceased)
*1978 | David Burgess US Bureau of Mines (Retired)
*1977 | William S. Park MESA and MSHA (Retired)
*1976 | David Zegeer Bethlehem Mines Corporation (Retired)
*1975 | Woods Talman US Steel Corporation (Retired)