Presidents Service Award


This award was established in 2011 by the Pittsburgh Coal Mining Institute of America (PCMIA) to annually recognize the service of the President to the PCMIA. The award consists of a commemorative self-standing acrylic plaque that is presented at the annual luncheon of the PCMIA which is normally held in late October.   

Award Process 

This award is made to the current outgoing President of the PCMIA at the annual PCMIA luncheon which is normally held in late October of each year.  It is tradition that the recipient(s) make a short impromptu acceptance speech following the receipt of the plaque. The PCMIA will also recognize those who served as President of the PCMIA prior to current year in the Annual Meeting Program Book.


PCMIA Presidential Service Award
Historical Listing of the Past PCMIA Presidents
Year Name Affiliation
2013 Jeffrey Stanchek Pennsylvania DEP
2012  Dr. Jeffery H. Kravitz   
2011 Heather Trexler Universal Pegasus International
2010 Edward F. Zeglen Alpha Natural Resources
2009 James Hickman Roxcoal, Inc.
2008 Robert Penigar Rosebud Mining Company
2007 William Bookshar PA Department of Environmental Resources
2006 Jim Bryja Foundation Coal Company
2005 Chuck Edwards CSE Corporation
2004 Dr. Kelvin Wu MSHA
2003 Jim Szlalankiewcz T.J.S. Mining, Inc.
2002 Elizabeth Chamberlin Consolidated Coal Coampany
2001 Joseph Spiker West Virginia University
2000 James Pablic Pennsylvania Coal Association
1999 George L. Ellis Pennsylvania Coal Association
1998 Charles S. Battistoni Jennmar Corporation
1997 J. Blair McGill Canterbury Coal Company
1996 Joseph A. Sbaffoni Pennsylvania DEP
1995 Joseph J. Garcia Mine Safety and Health Administration
1994 Thomas J. Ward Jr. PA DER, Bureau of Deep Mine Safety
1993 Al Smalara  
1992 Robert G Peluso Pittsburgh Safety and Health Technology Center, USDOL- MSHA
1991 Marshall Hunt Consolidation Coal Co.
1990 George Pizoli Pennsylvania Mines Service, Inc


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