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The PCMIA has established a competition for the best senior design project. All mining schools have the requirement that graduating seniors complete a capstone design project to demonstrate their knowledge of engineering fundamentals and analysis of a problem. Competition for the PCMIA award is open to all mining schools in the United States. Nominees are selected by the mining faculty at the institution and up to two students per university can be nominated at the discretion of the faculty. The projects are submitted for judging after review and grading by the faculty. The purpose of the award is to serve as a tangible stimulus for excellence and reward for outstanding effort in the preparation of the senior design project. The first prize is $1,000. Consideration is given to recognition of other submissions and a second and third place may be given at the discretion of the evaluation committee. The award is now a joint award between the PCMIA and the Pittsburgh Section of SME. The following is the chronology of the awards:


2013 Jason Grimm West Virginia University
2013 Mitchell Hankinson West Virginia University
2013 Lance Kolbush West Virginia University
2012 Grace Bernard Colorado School of Mines
2012 Amanda Graninger Colorado School of Mines
2011 David Thompson University of Nevada - Reno
2011 Drew Wheeler University of Nevada - Reno
2010 Robert B. Burke, Jr.  West Virginia University 
2010 Jared S. Forman  West Virginia University 
2010 Jacob S. King  West Virginia University 
2009 Noah Millett  University of Nevada, Reno 
2008 Fae Garsting  Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
2008 Kate Glusiec   Virginia Polytechnic Institute
2008 Rosalyn DeLaPena  Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
2007 John Gates  University of Nevada, Reno 
2006 Joshua Smith  Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
2006 Kara Smith  Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
2006 Chris Van Arsdale  Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
2005 Nora L. Oswald  Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
2005 Brian R. Knorr  Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
2005 Craig R. Hairfield  Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
2005 Joseph R. Zirkle West Virginia University 
2004 Scott R. Smith  University of Nevada-Reno 
2004 Donald S. Swartz II  West Virginia University 
2003 Rebecca J. Hardy   West Virginia University
2003 Hilaria E. Ireland  West Virginia University 
2002 Ryan Murray  West Virginia University
2002 Attila Szucs  University of Missouri-Rolla 
2002 Yvonne M. (Parisa) Sanders  University of Missouri-Rolla 
2002 Erin Swearengen  University of Missouri-Rolla 
2001 Ruslan B.Mamatkulov  University of Nevada, Reno 
2000 Daniel A. Frost  Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
2000 Anthony F. Harding  Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
2000 Carey E. Stafford  Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
1999 Martin Colmenares  University of Nevada 
1998 Kelly Fleetwood  University of Missouri-Rolla 
1998 Mark Schmidt University of Missouri-Rolla
1997 Cynthia R. Moore   University of Nevada
1996 Ryan M. McCluskey  Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
1995 Eric Shereda   Virginia Polytechnic Institute
1994 Bradley Neil Mosley  University of Kentucky 
1993 Chris Adkins  University of Kentucky
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