June 6, 2001 Meeting

The Mine Safety Institute of America Meeting was held on June 6, 2001, at 4:00 PM

Member in Attendance were Ronnie Biggerstaff Mary Bauer Pat Campbell Doug Conaway William garay William gerringer Larry Harshbarger Ben Hart Paul Hummel Phillip Johnson Tom joyce Elmer Layne Frank Linkous Doug Martin Tom Maxwell Jim Myer Tom Patterson Joseph Pavlovich Bill Sanders Joseph Sbaffoni Tom Shumaker Richard Stickler James Turner

Packets were given to each attending member which consisted of membership listing and the minutes of last year's meeting

The Secretary report was read, which consisted of member information as follows: 

  • 186 members
  • 1 new lifetime member
  • 12 members removed for nonpayment of dues
  • 0 resignations
  • 16 new members
  • 20 members unable to locate, and
  • 24 States represented. 

(Approved by executive committee). The treasurer report was read by Joe Sbaffoni and accepted by Auditing Committee.

Old Business

  • Discussions were held concerning the "How to Book"
  • Web site Address: www.miningorganizations.org
  • An open discussion was held on different ways to increase membership.

New Business

Discussion was held on next year's meeting as to where the conference should be held and if we should have it combined with HSA or not. HSA is having their 2002 conference at Virginia Beach, Virginia.

A motion to accept a joint conference with HSA and NASMIA in V.irginia Beach, Virginia was made and accepted.

In the Year 2002, the Mine Safety Institute of America Convention will be held in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It will be a combined conference with HSA and NASMIA.

Resolutions Committee moved for the adoption of the following motions. 

  • Thanks and appreciation of the Mine Safety Institute of America be extended to: 
    1. Holmes Safety Association and everyone on the Program Planning Committee especially Troy Tate, Program Chairperson and Doyle Fink, District Manager, South Central District John Kuzar, District Manager, District 9, and Patrick Hurley of HSA; 
    2. Along with the Holiday Inn, Riverwalk Hotel; 
    3. The venders and exhibitors for their hospitality; 
    4. The committee and speakers for the educational and technical portion of the conference; . 
    5. The companies and organizations for their cooperation during the conference and allowing persons to attend; 
    6. The MSIA and NASMIA officers/members responsible for the management of the conference; 
    7. The many individuals (unnamed) whose goodwill contributed to the success of the conference. 

Adopted all resolutions.

Nominatinq Committee:  Frank Linkous (Chairman), Phillip Johnson, Joseph Sbaffoni

Auditing Committee:  Ben Hart, Steve Hart 

Membership Committee:  Richard Hughes (Chairman), Ronnie Biggerstaff, Frank Linkous

Resolutions Committee:  Thomas Joyce (Chairman), Elmer Lane 

Proaram/Paoers Committee (Joint with HSA):  Frank Linkous (Chairman), Ronnie Biggerstaff, Joseph Sbaffoni, Ben Hart, Patrick Hurley

Ways and Means Committee:  Doug Martin, Ronnie Biggerstaff, Jim Myers, James Turner, Ben Hart, Steve Hart 

All new officers were sworn in.

Meeting adjourned

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