June 23, 1998 Meeting

The report of the Secretary was read which consisted of member information as follows: 239 members; 1 death; 3 resignations; 1 new member; 62 lifetime members; 11 unable to locate; 24 States represented; collected $910.00 in dues prior to convention Approved by Executive Board Committee

Appointment of Committees

Major changes in our BY-LAWS Change our name to Mine Safety Institute of America Make-up of Executive Board Proposed changes were given to members to vote on. These changes were brought about by a two year project of the Ways & Means Committee. Issues committee reviewed if the institute is going in the right direction and if it is serving the industry. Motion was passed to adopt the amendments to the Constitution.

Program's Paper Committee was selected for next year's convention and the appointed members are as followings: Harry Dushac, Charles Greene, Gerald Davis, Don McBride, Bill Morgan, Joe Sbaffoni, Doug Lester

Next year's convention will be held in Gatlinburg, TN but not sure of date.

Suggestion was made to send a letter to all members containing what was discussed at the annual meeting along with a copy of the new by-laws and letter explaining the changes made. And also encourage member participation.

Discussion took place on should a "how to" book be developed to aid persons in preparing for a conference/meeting. Possibly develop guidelines/parameters to follow. Another suggestion was to share insight/input with former hosts and establish an experienced committee. Called for volunteers to make a list of important details when planning a conference/meeting. How much money the State has to raise for the conference to try to keep the registration low.

Publications Committee - should we do a little advertising and where? Perhaps through the Internet or E-Mail. Possible mailings for Gatlinburg meeting to increase attendance. Personally contact the state representatives and/or officials. News releases, Mine regulation reporter, HSA, State publications, web page. Coordinate with Jerry.

Auditing Committee - Committee Chairman, Harry Dushac Monaghan, still has the books and they will be transferred to the new Sec/Treasurer at which time an audit will be conducted. The audit committee will consist of five people. (Todd offered to help).

Membership Committee - five people will be on this committee. Charles Greene, Paul Hummel, Doug Lester, James Turner

Additions to Board Members:

  • KY - Ben Spears IL Dick Modershaw Joe Jacobs Larry Grayson Anthony Taylor Don McBride
  • PA - Chuck Edwards VA Ronnie Biggerstaff Paul Hummel Ed McGraw - take off
  • WV - Ron Harris OH Jim Myers - take off Steve Webber - take off Terry Farley CA Al Coleflesh Tyrone Coleman NC Scott Hartess NM Mike Berelta

Contact State to see who the Department heads are. Motion taken and accepted.

Resolutions Committee - (l) Thanks and appreciation to Ben Hart, FL Department Staff and all involved -- Move for adoption; (2) Education/Technical portion of conference - extend our thanks and appreciation to the Papers' committee and speakers; (3) Appreciation to companies and organizations for their cooperation during the conference. (4) Appreciation to all June 97-98 MIIA officers. Adopted all resolutions.

Constitution Committee - Joe Sbaffoni, Doug Lester, Holly McCoy, Mary Jo Bishop, John Franklin, Terry Farley, Harry Dushac

Ways & Means Committee - John Franklin, Joe Sbaffoni, Mary Jo Bishop, Doug Lester, Terry Farley

Nominating Committee - Elmer Howard, Pat Graham, Sam Vancil

Nominations: Jerry Davis - Sec/Treasurer, Joe Sbaffoni - Asst. Sec/Treasurer, Frank Lynkus - Third Vice President, Richard Hughes - Second Vice President, Harry Dushac - First Vice President, Charles Greene - President. Motion accepted.

Old Business

  • None.

New Business

  • Proposals for the good of the Institute - President extends appreciation and calls for other suggestions.
  • John Franklin swears in new officers -- all agree.
  • In the year 2000, PA purposing to host the MIIA/HSA convention. Motion accepted.
  • Contingency plan - if for any reason Tennessee cannot hold the conference, should we hold it in St. Louis with HSA? May not serve us as well.
  • General Discussion concerning future conventions - look at getting out of downtown areas for conventions - family orientation - expense - security of site - interstates - airports - activities - golf.  The above stated information should be included in the "how to" book. Also, establish what is important.
  • Program Committee - repeat break outs to provide more opportunity to hear sessions. Should we go back to original "papers" format? (Everyone liked idea).
  • Committee meeting in October at Beckley, West Virginia Meeting Adjourned.

Persons in attendance: Frank Linkous, Sam Vancil, Mary Bauer, Gilbert Miera, Harry Dushac, Paul Hammel, Chuck Edwards, Patrick Graham, Elmer B. Layne, H. Ty Coleman, J. Marvin Grose, Robert Vines, James Turner, Scott Hartness, Richard Hughes, Bill Morgan, Terry Farley, Tom Joyce, Holly McCoy, John Franklin, Joe Sbaffoni

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