June 20, 1999 Meeting

Members in attendance were:


Harry Dushac James Turner   William Garay  Joseph Sbaffoni
Tom Joyce Richard Hughes   Charles Green  Gerald E. Davis
Doug Lester  Frank Linkous  Ronnie Biggerstaff  E.B. Layne

Franklin Reed

Packets were given to each attending member which consisted of:

  • The Constitution, History of the Mine Safety Institute of America, Information on the Internet for MSIA,

  •  Minutes of last years meeting, Member listing, Officer and Board listing.

The Treasurer and Secretary reports were read by Jerry Davis (Approved as read).

Old Business

  • Discussed removal notices for nonpayment of dues - voted to send letters to members who have not paid their dues within the last three years. In this letter, they will have one month from the date of letter to respond. A letter will also be sent for two years of nonpayment.

  • Doug Lester complimented Joe Sbaffoni on his hard work regarding the revised constitution.

  • E-Mail and Internet - MSIA is now on the internet. Also discussed if any member had an e-mail address, that it might be a good idea to get them on file for communication purposes. Suggestion was made for next year’s meeting to take photos with a digital camera and possibly have those placed on the internet.

  • If anyone has a good picture of a flame safety lamp, please forward it to Jerry Davis.

New Business

  • Discussed ways to increase membership. Suggestion was made to possibly advertise in publications and/or magazines. Also, try to get more participation with persons dealing in the Metal/Nonmetal area.

Nominating Committee
John Franklin, Chairman Tom Joyce, James Turner Elmer Layne, Don McBride

Membership Committee
Richard Hughes, Chairman Frank Linkous, John Franklin Doug Lester, Ronnie Biggerstaff

Auditing Committee
Charles Green, Chairman Terry Farley, Richard Hughes Joseph Sbaffoni, Harry Dushac

Resolutions Committee
Thomas Joyce, Chairman,  William Garay, Terry Farley ,  James Turner, 
Doug Lester

In the Year 2000, the Mine Safety Institute of America Convention will be held in Pittsburgh, PA

Meeting Adjourned

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