June 22, 1999 Meeting

Members in attendance were:

Allan Greene Ty Coleman Terry Farley William Gerringer
Tom Joyce James Turner  Frank Linkous Chuck Edwards
John Franklin Robert Vines Doug Lester Ben Hart
Joe Pavlovich Richard Huges Harry Dushac Joseph Sbaffoni
Gerald Davis Charles Green Don McBride  Elmer Layne

Two deceased members: Edward Fox and Dennis Frailey

Treasury Report read by Jerry Davis and accepted by Auditing Committee.

Old Business

  • The revised Constitution was discussed and copies were available for all members.

  • Discussion took place on the "how to" book in preparing for a convention. Doug Lester would like to draft a 1st working draft of this book.

New Business

Jerry Davis discussed the web site for MSIA and what information can be obtained. The convention will be held in Pittsburgh for the Year 2000 with Holmes Safety Association.

Joe Pavlovich discussed the option of having a convention in the west to promote new membership in that area.

Questions were raised concerning the location of future conventions. Discussion took place to possibly having West Virginia host the 2001 convention. Possibly at the Academy? Discussion was also held as to the possibility of members deciding where future conventions are to be held. Motion was taken to host 2001 convention in West Virginia. If another State was interested in hosting the convention, it would be considered at the 2000 convention. Kentucky will host in 2003.

Resolutions Committee moved for adoption of the following motions.

Thanks and appreciation of the Mine Safety Institute of America be extended to:

  • Charles Green, Ann Ayers and Tennessee Department Staff and all involved along with the Park Vista Hotel and local contributors;
  • The Papers’ committee & speakers for the educational and technical portion of the conference;
  • The companies and organizations for their cooperation during the conference and allowing persons to attend;
  • The MSIA officers responsible for the management of the conference;
  • The many individuals (unnamed) whose goodwill contributed to the success of the conference.

Adopted all resolutions


Harry Dushac  - President
Richard Hughes - First Vice President
Frank Linkous - Second Vice President
Ronnie Biggerstaff - Third Vice President
Jerry Davis - Secretary/Treasurer
Joe Sbaffoni - Asst. Secretary/Treasurer

Motion accepted

Charles Green swears in new officers – all agree

Membership Committee
Ten(10) new members

Recommend three members to the board:  Bill Garay, Joe Pavlovich,  Doug Lester

All accepted

Nominating Committee
John Franklin, Chairman ,James Turner, Don McBride, Elmer Layne, Tom Joyce

Membership Committee
Richard Hughes, Chairman John Franklin, Frank Linkous,  Doug Lester, Ronnie Biggerstaff

Auditing Committee
Charles Green, Chairman , Richard Hughes, Terry Farley , Joseph Sbaffoni,  Harry Dushac

Resolutions Committee
Thomas Joyce, Chairman James Turner, William Garay,  Doug Lester, Terry Farley

Meeting Adjourned

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