Prior to the year 1908, various states with mining as a major industry, created by legislation the offices of State Mine Inspectors, and some states Mining Departments. The purpose of these offices was to inspect the mines to determine if the mining statutes for the preservation of health and safety were properly observed. In the mining states the inspectors and safety personnel had meetings or conferences relative to conditions of their own state. Occasionally representatives from a few states would meet together to discuss ways of inspecting different problems and questions.

The many mine disasters of 1907 brought about a need for a national organization. Some chief inspectors, after discussing the matter, prevailed upon J.J. Beard, Professor of Mining, Scranton, Pennsylvania, to formulate a letter concerning a conference, which was mailed to the chiefs of the mining states, and an affirmative reply was received from seven (7), insisting on having such a conference.

On Tuesday, June 9, 1908, the conference was held at Indianapolis, Indiana, and out of this meeting the MINE INSPECTORS’ INSTITUTE OF AMERICA was formed. During the ensuing years, the Institute was expanded to include in addition to state personnel, Federal Government, labor organizations, insurance companies, mining companies, associations, manufacturers, and others associated with safety. Through the efforts of the Mine Inspectors’ Institute of America there has been a very successful educational program, safer and healthier working conditions, more productivity in the mining industry, and they have supported good legislature pertaining to mining through the years.

With the foresight of the early leaders the Institute has met annually each June with various states acting as host, and is one of the better Institutes in America today. On June 23, 1998, the constitution was re-amended and the organization known as the Mine Inspectors’ Institute of America (MIIA) shall henceforth be known as the Mine Safety Institute of America (MSIA).

As a potential member of the Mine Safety Institute of America (MSIA) you should be aware that our organization needs active members. MSIA needs you for your future efforts on mine safety, for your leadership in keeping this organization strong and true to its purpose. MSIA is comprised of members from all mining regions possessing skills unique to their background and current profession. Our collective purpose is to promote safety in the mines through the exchange of ideas, technology and experience. Our annual meeting provides a forum for the membership to hear presentations on current safety problems, new technology, new applications of existing technology, and changes in legislation and inspection. Ample time is allowed for fellowship, thereby allowing the free exchange of ideas concerning mine safety between individual members. The Institute is unique in that its meetings cater to the whole family. Over the years, a “homecoming” tradition has been established. Our membership is varied and widespread.

We invite you to join our organization and to become active in its functions, and help attain its goals.

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